How Service 2.OD Impacts Our Customers

In today’s competitive LTL shipping landscape, OD is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience. This commitment is why customers have awarded us the prestigious title of #1 National LTL Carrier for Quality for 14 consecutive years. But what truly sets us apart is our unique operating philosophy, Service 2.OD. Let's explore how Service 2.OD impacts our customer service and why it is a game-changer in the industry and for your business.  

 What is Service 2.OD?

You may have heard our OD Family talk about Service 2.OD online or in conversation. Service 2.OD is not just an internal slogan; it is a comprehensive approach that influences every aspect of our operations. This philosophy focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience that goes beyond what is expected. It’s about ensuring that every interaction with OD - from the first phone call to the final delivery—is seamless, professional, and executed with precision.  

 OD follows several key practices to ensure we consistently deliver exceptional customer service. We look at performance metrics such as on-time delivery, no damages or shortages, consistent transit times, and overall ease of doing business. We also actively engage with you through various touchpoints, including a monthly customer satisfaction survey, to ensure we understand and meet your needs. Finally, we continually assess and improve our service standards to exceed your expectations.

OD recently celebrated Service 2.OD Week across our extensive network of 260 service centers and our Corporate Office. We encourage and inspire employees to provide exceptional service to both customers and internal teams, not just during this week but 365 days a year. This commitment is reflected in several of Mastio and Company’s key competitive differentiators, such as the following:

  • Premiere Performance: OD delivers on your shipping promises with freight picked up and delivered when promised and delivered with no damages or shortages.
  • Ease of Doing Business: OD aims to make every transaction as smooth as possible, ensuring you face minimal hassle when dealing with your freight shipping needs.
  • Professional and Prompt Service: OD’s team members, from dock workers to sales to customer service, provide prompt and respectful service.

Service 2.OD in Action

Service 2.OD is more than just impressive metrics like low claims ratios and on-time delivery rates. It's about creating a culture where every employee takes ownership and provides customer satisfaction. Here are some real-world examples:

  • Personal Touch: Our local Service Center teams play a crucial role in fostering strong customer relationships. Customers tell us that these day-to-day interactions can make or break their experience with us. In our customer surveys, we often receive feedback such as, “Our sales rep does an amazing job staying in communication with us,” or “our drivers go above and beyond to meet or exceed estimated delivery times.”
  • Going the Extra Mile: In one remarkable instance, one of our drivers knew that the recent winter weather and icy road conditions would make it difficult for a tractor trailer to make delivery to the customer. Instead of giving up, he and his service center manager came up with a plan to deliver the time-sensitive shipment to the customer. The manager loaded the pallet into the bed of his pickup truck, equipped with four-wheel drive, and took it directly to the customer’s location. Our team’s creativity and problem-solving skills regularly overcome the challenges of the day to keep our promises, so you can keep yours.

How We Continue to Improve

By going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, our mission is to set a new standard in the LTL sector and become a trusted and reliable partner for businesses across the globe. We see ourselves as more than ordinary freight providers; we want to build lasting relationships and a brand reputation of delivering unparalleled service. 

If you need help scheduling a pickup, learning how to create an electronic Bill of Lading, or have other questions about your freight, reach out to your Solutions Specialist, local Service Center, or call our Corporate Customer Service team at 1-800-235-5569. We’re here to help, and we look forward to showing you the OD difference.

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