Other Shipping Tools

More Tools to Making Shipping Easy

ODFL has created many tools to help manage, calculate, and report on your freight shipping transactions. Use the tools and calculators below to streamline your processes and ensure you get the best rate for your shipping requirements. 


OD Shipping Reports

Always know your shipment status and easily find documents by PRO number, shipper or consignee.


Shipping Labels

Create and print shipping labels for your ODFL shipments. 


Chargeback, Scorecard, and Fines Report

Use the chargeback research tool to contest chargebacks and pentalties. Seach by BOL, LOAD, PO or PRO number. 


Container Backhaul

Old Dominion provides transport back to the port or rail head of origin from their original delivery import destinations and vicinities. Contact the Container Backhaul team for available backhaul lanes and street turns for containers.


Customer Spot & Pick

The OD Spot and Pick tool gives customers with regular outbound freight the ability to process outbound shipments more efficiently, saving time and resources in the process.


Cube Calculator

Calculate the cubic volume of your freight. This data will help ODFL give you an accurate rate estimate. 


Density Calculator

Calculate the density of your freight shipment. This will help ODFL give you an accurate rate estimate.


Value Calculator

The Value of Shipping with Old Dominion – This value calculator identifies and quantifies the total cost of freight transportation and how ODFL can lower these expenses.