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Here at Old Dominion Freight Line, we treat your business like it’s our business. We are truly invested in your success, that’s why our executives have provided resources below to help you keep your freight promises. 


Safeguarding Techniques for Overlength Freight, Boxes, and Bags

OD is here to help you master the details for smooth, claims-free freight transportation that adheres to NMFC guidelines.

OD Plans $750 Million Investment in Capacity and Capital Expenditures for 2024

OD is investing $750 million in its LTL network in 2024 to build additional capacity. The capacity expansion will allow OD to continue serving shippers with the high quality and service they expect from the industry leader.

Why Successful Shippers Make Annual Freight Plans With Carriers

The most effective shippers and carriers partner early in their planning process. Committing to an annual freight plan offers several advantages in the areas of stability, cost control and operational improvements.

Keys to Building Your Shipping Strategies to Meet Rising Retailer Expectations

The key to keeping retail customers happy and deliveries running smoothly is finding the right carrier. Look for these distinctives to make the smartest choice.

How to Avoid Surprises with Freight Class Rates

Avoid freight class surprises and get back to your day-to-day business operations. Partner with a carrier that helps you navigate the NMFC system.

What are the Three Pillars of Long-Term Shipping Success?

There’s more to shipping than what meets the eye. Learn about the three essential elements that every successful shipper needs.

OD Has The Capacity You Need To Handle Your Shipments

With 25-30% excess capacity, new technologies, and a young fleet, Old Dominion Freight Line can handle your increased freight volume or carrier shift.
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What You Should Know About LTL Pricing

Before shipping your freight, understand the basics of LTL pricing and the elements of your invoice. This will save you time, money, and stress.

Why Price Shouldn't Be the Only Factor When Selecting a Freight Carrier

Freight price is just one of many factors to consider when evaluating carriers. Here's how to take into account all your transportation costs & ensure you get the most value.
Sales Reps and Clients

Five Questions To Ask Your LTL Carrier

How do you choose the right less-than-truckload carrier? It may be a more in-depth consideration than you think.

Hurricane Season: Five Tips To Prepare

Summertime brings family fun, sunny weather and back-to-school shopping, but it also brings the launch of Hurricane season. Check out our top tips for keeping business up and running in the face of hurricane-force winds.

3 Strategies for Shippers and Carriers to Reduce Truck Driver Detention

A reduction in truck driver detention can improve efficiency and save money. Carriers, shippers, and consignees should work together to reduce detention time by communicating early and often, using technology, and streamlining processes.

OD Outlines 2023 Capital Expenditures & Investments in Capacity

2023 will bring another year of strong investment in our business so that we can better serve yours. You’ve come to expect best-in-class services from Old Dominion over the years, and we’re here to exceed those expectations as your trusted LTL carrier. Read more about our $800 million capital expenditure plan to stay ahead of your shipping needs. 


Control These 3 Areas to Build Long-Term Supply Chain Resiliency

The key to supply chain resilience is deepening the partnership between shippers and carriers. To increase efficiency and strengthen the bond, they must focus on variables that can be controlled and optimized. Here are three key areas to focus on.

How will the “Nearshoring” Trend Affect the Transportation Map?

Manufacturers and shippers are considering more of a rebalancing than a wholesale rewrite of the rules of global trade. Still, nearshoring trends are significant enough to redraw the maps of the domestic supply chain, especially within the LTL market.

Onshoring and Nearshoring will Redraw the Shipping Map

Over the next decade, experts predict that thanks to a combination of geopolitics, economics, and concern about supply chains, more manufacturing will be closer to more consumers than ever before. Read about what that means to manufactures, shippers, and carriers. 


OD CEO on 2023: We Have an Opportunity to Improve Efficiency, Resilience in our World’s Supply Chains

In the last few years, shippers and carriers have been tested like never before, but we’d like to think this stress test has taught us a lot. As the calendar flips, OD CEO Greg Gantt reflects on what opportunities in transportation are in front of us in the new year.


The Idea Behind “Just-In-Time Plus” and How Manufacturers are Re-Thinking Their Inventory Levels

Holding more inventory still remains unattractive as carrying costs continue to rise in North America. Striking a balance of just-in-time versus a just-in-case supply is where manufacturers will need to better plan, coined a “just-in-time plus” by ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello.


3 Reasons Why a New BOL API Standard is Positive

The NMFTA’s Digital LTL Council is implementing a standardized digital BOL format alongside 29 carriers, 3PLs and freight brokers. Here are three reasons why we feel it’s positive news for shippers, carriers, and the LTL industry.

Three Considerations for Domestic Supply Chain Efficiency

Domestic supply chains still remain choppy, and business leaders are looking toward the future to mitigate some of the challenges. What are some key requirements for operational efficiency? Here are three high-level considerations within the current operating environment.


Choose A Consistent Carrier for Your Foodservice Shipping

Shipping to foodservice distribution centers poses challenges. Challenges that are best handled with a trusted carrier with the experience, reliability, and scale to get your product to where it needs to be. OD’s foodservice program provides you the knowledge and flexibility with shipping to your customer. That’s why Food Shippers of America named OD as a Top Food Chain Provider for 2022.  

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Do Relationships Matter in LTL Pricing?

At OD, we don’t view customer relationships as transactional or tactical. It’s important that we become a trustworthy partner for our customers and provide a premium service. But is that a significant factor when negotiating an LTL shipping rate? OD’s VP of Pricing Services, Todd Polen explores if relationships matter in pricing.


3 Ways OD is Improving Operations to Enhance Your Shipping Experience

Barry Craver, VP of Business Process and Innovation, shares 3 ways we’re making our operations more efficient to help you keep promises to your customers.

The Future of Freight Payment is One Rate One Time™

The LTL freight payment processes can be messy. Your price needs to be like booking an airline flight online—you supply the correct address for pickup and delivery, the correct cube and weight, and the carrier will return to you a price that won’t change. OD’s Todd Polen discusses our new pilot program, One Rate One Time, that will improve the future of freight payment.

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What Happens When The Price Is Wrong?

Neither shippers nor carriers like revisiting the agreed-upon price of a shipment. That’s why good communication upfront is important and helps all parties win in the end. OD’s VP of Pricing, Todd Polen, discusses what happens when the price is wrong and the importance of getting it right. 

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Three Tips for Managing Your Peak Shipping Season

Increased shipping volumes can add a layer of complexity to your logistics team during a critical time of year for your business. With increasing pressure to deliver, there are no mulligans when choosing a carrier. Here are three tips from OD on managing your busier times of the year.


Five Tips for a Successful Trade Show Move Out

Fall trade show season is upon us and we know the stress that comes with the preparation. Many exhibitors are so focused on the pre-planning that they overlook the post-show logistics to get their trade show materials shipped out of the show. Check out these five tips for a successful trade show move out.


Mid-Year Review: OD Adds Capacity to LTL Network with New Service Centers, People, and Equipment

We’re here to grow with your business. Investments in people, equipment, and service centers are critical to continuing to provide the premium service that you expect from OD. Read a recap on our investments in service centers, people, and equipment during the first half of 2022.


Get Help With

Our goal is always to make doing business with OD as easy as possible. Our teams were focused on making tracking, getting a rate estimate, creating a BOL and other processes streamlined and efficient.


Top Five Takeaways From This Holiday Shipping Season

This year’s holiday shipping season is turning out to be different than in years past, given current macroeconomic developments. Read about the five trends we’re hearing from our customers about what it takes to navigate your peak shipping time.

The Future of Logistics Automation

An accurate freight bill is a good thing for both the carrier and shipper. Eliminating or automating manual tasks in the shipping process will only improve supply chain efficiency, making your job as the shipper easier. Todd Polen, VP of Pricing Services for OD discusses the benefits of freight billing being more digitalized and automated.  


3 Key Findings From the CSCMP’s Annual State of Logistics Report®

CSCMP’s Annual State of Logistics Report® was released on June 21 and its findings illustrate the current macro environment for shippers around the world. The report found that supply chain costs remain high, inventory carrying costs keep pressure on budgets, and businesses are re-evaluating the proximity of its operations to North America.  


Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Packing Freight

Skimping out on packaging can be a costly mistake. OD’s EVP and COO, Greg Plemmons, highlights five common mistakes we see shippers make when packaging their freight for an LTL environment.


Why You Should Reconsider Using Spot Quotes

Todd Polen, VP of Pricing Services, explains why LTL prices tend to be higher than truckload, the history behind spot quotes, and why spot quotes, while more affordable for you, can also cause issues with transporting your freight.


What Do Your Accessorial Charges Mean

Todd Polen, VP of Pricing Services, walks through the history behind accessorial charges and how they often cause headaches throughout the shipping process. Polen talks about OD’s vision to make these costs more transparent for the customer. 

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What is LTL Freight? A Comprehensive Guide

Navigate LTL shipping with ease and find out when LTL is the best option for your shipping needs.

3 Holiday Season Metrics That Can Improve Shipper-Carrier Relationships

Tracking the right metrics can mean a world of difference as you begin conversations with your carriers for the holiday season. Steve Hartsell provides 3 metrics that can improve your relationships. 

Customer talking to Driver on the Dock

The Real Cost of Appointments

Todd Polen walks through OD’s process on the evolution of appointments and how the associated costs can often create headaches throughout the shipping process. 

OD Dockworker rolling up door

Managing Through Q1 2022 Supply Chain Challenges

As China's New Year holiday and two-week business closure has begun, an increased surge of cargo is hitting the ports and adding to the mounting number of freight containers.


Consider A Joint Business Planning Meeting With Your Carrier

Consider talking to your freight carrier about a joint business planning meeting that reviews 2021 performance and sets expectations for 2022.


3 Signs A Freight Carrier Is The Right Fit For Your Business

Here are a few signs that your relationship with your carrier will be a positive experience.


Why Are NMFC Codes & Their Classifications Important?

If you're using the wrong classification codes, you may not have the most accurate rate for your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. 


Is Your LTL Carrier Helping You Improve Your OTIF Score?

Is your carrier helping you improve your OTIF score by consistently meeting delivery requirements? Here are five ways to evaluate if your carrier can deliver on-time, in-full service.
Command Center_Female employee typing at OD computer with Drivers Screen in background

How Can We Improve Healthcare Supply Chain Management?

In the past few years, managing the healthcare supply chain has become more complex than ever. Steve Hartsell, SVP of Field Sales shares tips for managing your supply chain as a healthcare professional and explains how OD’s On Demand service can provide urgent, time-specific deliveries as needed. 

Female Driver in OD Truck

Commonly Asked Questions About A Career With OD

We compiled some of the more frequently asked questions from applicants interested in pursuing a career at Old Dominion.

OD Operator strapping barrels to trailer

How To Pack, Palletize & Protect: Five Tips From Shipping Experts

Here are the top five packaging mistakes we coach our customers to avoid, so they can maximize profits.


2020: Perfect Time To Begin Digitizing Your Supply Chain

Here are the top reasons why using an electronic bill of lading (eBOL) can make a positive difference.


Does Finding Freight Capacity Make You Nervous?

OD understands that time is of the essence, especially during quarter close. Our service center network allows us to provide competitive transit times and the freight capacity you need – with exemplary service, every time.

Do These Five Things For Less Stress During Trade Show Season

Keep your trade show planning stress free and focus on promoting your business on the national stage with these five tips.


Expedited Shipping Can Change The Way You Do Business

OD has worked hard to develop exceptional Expedited Services to accommodate tighter delivery windows and stricter requirements from retailers.

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The Secret To Strong Customer Relationships: Deliver On Expectations

When our customers can meet the delivery deadlines and demands they promise to retailers, they can have a much more meaningful and strategic relationship


Reduce Retail Chargebacks with MABD Service

We offer three MABD services to reduce retail chargebacks: Standard LTL that meets delivery requirements with normal transit times, Guaranteed for shipments due on a certain date, and On-Demand for time-sensitive shipments due outside normal transit times or that require a specific delivery time.

How to Keep Customer Service You Promised During Unprecedented Times

When navigating a challenging business cycle, companies and their brands need to remain true to the characteristics and experiences that define them in the minds of their customers and the marketplace.
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