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Shipment Trace & Tracking Options

You should know the "what, where and when" during each stage of the shipping process. OD offers several tools to track your shipments or display OD tracking information for customers via your systems. 

Enter up to 25 Tracking Numbers to review your shipment. Separate each number by a comma or enter one number per line. 

For support, please email or call customer service at 1-800-235-5569.

Records Not Found for {0}: {1} - Please call customer service at 1-800-235-5569 for more information.
Please call customer service at 1-800-235-5569 for more information.

This is a Truckload Services pro number. Please reach out to your Truckload Customer Services Representative for an update. If you do not have a representative, please contact

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Pro # Shipment Type Status Estimated Delivery Shipper Origin SVC Consignee Destination SVC

Please provide the information below to receive shipment updates via email or text. You may enter up to 10 emails and/or 10 phone numbers. 

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Log in for Advanced Trace Options

Access more ways to track your shipment when you log into Seach by PRO, BOL, PO, LOAD and Pickup numbers.


Track and Trace with Shipping API Integrations

For domestic or global shipments, customers can utilize OD's Shipping API Integrations to rate, schedule, trace and more from their own systems. Using open standards, OD's Shipping API Integrations are hardware, programming language and OS agnostic. 


Tracking URL

Use our tracking URL to link directly to Old Dominion's shipment-tracking page. You can access this from your own website, or post a link in an email to offer others direct access.

Weather Alert Map

View the real-time status of OD's service centers. Each terminal reports if service levels are reduced due to inclement weather.