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Cargo Shorts® EP: 13

Exploring the Future of Packaging Sciences with Dr. Greg Batt and Geoff Stephany


Cargo Shorts® EP: 12

Emerging Technologies and future of LTL Shipping with Paul Dugent and Barry Craver


Cargo Shorts® EP: 11

How Can Shippers Use Data to Guide Decision-Making with Kevin Huntsman and Marty Freeman


Cargo Shorts® EP: 10

Unpacking the Freight Classification System with Erin Topper

Insights for the Logistics Professional

We treat your business like our business. That’s why we’re committed to delivering you insights from trusted leaders across the supply chain and transportation industry. Actively preparing ourselves for the next few years ensures we’re not only prepared for tomorrow, we’re solving the problems of today.

It’s human nature to want things to be easy, but in logistics we welcome the challenges that make us stronger. We recognize the industry is in the midst of reorganization on several levels. Rules are being rewritten, assumptions are being challenged, and there is a tremendous possibility for positive change. This is a chance to remake the world’s supply chains, embedding intelligence, efficiency, and resilience so that the next set of challenges we face can be met with simple adjustments and little to no disruption. 


White Paper: Shipping Stability in the Age of Uncertainty

This new report explores how you can build a resilient supply chain by discussing the importance of learning from past challenges and making necessary adjustments. It highlights the need for strong, long-term partnerships between shippers and carriers, underpinned by clear communication, information flow, and transparency. Hear from industry experts such as Dr. Karl Manrodt from Georgia College & State University, Chris Caplice from MIT, and Thom Albrecht from Reliance Partners.

Blog Posts

What are the Three Pillars of Long-Term Shipping Success?

5 Mins Read

There’s more to shipping than what meets the eye. Learn about the three essential elements that every successful shipper needs.
Blog Posts

Why Price Shouldn't Be the Only Factor When Selecting a Freight Carrier

4 Mins Read

Freight price is just one of many factors to consider when evaluating carriers. Here's how to take into account all your transportation costs & ensure you get the most value.
Blog Posts

Keys to Building Your Shipping Strategies to Meet Rising Retailer Expectations

6 Mins Read

The key to keeping retail customers happy and deliveries running smoothly is finding the right carrier. Look for these distinctives to make the smartest choice.

Whitepaper: Managing Complexity in a Changing World

5 Min Read

Download OD's new whitepaper for industry insights that will help you prepare for tomorrow's complex supply chain and solve the problems of today.
Blog Posts

How will the “Nearshoring” Trend Affect the Transportation Map?

2 Min Read

Manufacturers and shippers are considering more of a rebalancing than a wholesale rewrite of the rules of global trade. Still, nearshoring trends are significant enough to redraw the maps of the domestic supply chain, especially within the LTL market.
Blog Posts

Onshoring and Nearshoring will Redraw the Shipping Map

3 Min Read

Over the next decade, experts predict that geopolitics, economics, and concern about supply chains will push manufacturing closer to more consumers than ever before. Read how onshoring and nearshoring will impact manufacturers, shippers, and carriers.

The Idea Behind “Just-In-Time Plus” and How Manufacturers are Re-Thinking Their Inventory Levels

2 Min Read

Holding more inventory still remains unattractive as carrying costs continue to rise in North America. Striking a balance of just-in-time versus a just-in-case supply is where manufacturers will need to better plan, coined a “just-in-time plus” by ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello.


Three Considerations for Domestic Supply Chain Efficiency

3 Min Read

Domestic supply chains still remain choppy, and business leaders are looking toward the future to mitigate some of the challenges. What are some key requirements for operational efficiency? Here are three high-level considerations within the current operating environment.


Control These 3 Areas to Build Long-Term Supply Chain Resiliency

3 Min Read

The key to supply chain resilience is deepening the partnership between shippers and carriers. To increase efficiency and strengthen the bond, they must focus on variables that can be controlled and optimized. Here are three key areas to focus on.
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