Does Finding Freight Capacity Make You Nervous?

VP of Field Sales
Todd Dayley

Finding Freight Capacity During Quarter Close

Imagine that you manage a warehouse for an office supply company, and you need freight capacity as soon as possible. It’s June 30, and you have several pallets of merchandise that MUST ship by the close of the fiscal quarter, or your company could risk missing critical deadlines. Talk about stressful!

At Old Dominion Freight Line, we know that the end of  month and quarter close can be tough. You have goals to meet, products to ship all while navigating unexpected business demands or disruptions.

OD’s extensive nationwide network with more than 250 service centers has the capacity and workforce to handle freight pickups and surges during those particularly busy times when pickups are time-sensitive — or when your end of the month or quarter is on the weekend.

Communication is key during surge times and our team is trained to ask and understand precisely what your company needs to meet your goal. Do you need the shipment to leave the dock by a specific time? Does a shipment need to arrive at its destination by a particular date to count toward your sales goal?

We ask these questions to help recommend the right level of service, customized to meet your obligations. And you can keep an eye on where shipments are anytime with our tracking options.

One customer, an outdoor furniture manufacturer, found themselves needing additional freight capacity at the end of each quarter to meet sales goals. The company struggled to find a carrier that had a reliable on-time pickup and delivery record. When our team presented options to get their product off their dock during this important time, including weekend pickup, OD met their needs and gave the manufacturer peace of mind. Other carriers simply did not have the capacity and bandwidth to take on the surge in shipping. Since then, we’ve built trust with this shipper through consistent performance, helping them keep their promises and manage their needs at the end of each fiscal quarter.

Are You Looking for Expedited Freight Capacity?

At OD, our Expedited Services offer customers the right options for tight delivery windows. For quarter close and end of the month services, consider a guaranteed shipment or on-demand shipping to ensure you meet your fiscal deadlines.

OD helped a skincare products manufacturer with our Must Arrive by Date (MABD) service if they experienced an end of quarter surge. It wasn’t uncommon that towards the end of the quarter the shipper needed us to make pickups later in the evening and on weekends. Because of our flexibility and available capacity, the shipper was able to get their product off their dock on time.

Choose a carrier that provides solutions that work for your business. Whether you need dependability in your primary carrier or just need extra assurance and freight capacity during critical times, OD can help.

When you’re in a rush, get in touch with our team. We’ll make it happen – surge time or anytime.

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