Calculating Shipping Costs

LTL freight costs seem simple, but true cost goes beyond the freight quote. To find actual costs for LTL shipping, hidden costs must be considered.


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Great Value Reduces Overall Cost

When it comes to LTL freight, customers have ranked Old Dominion Freight Line the #1 in value provided* for 11 consecutive years.  The reason is simple, OD provides better value to customers that ship LTL by consistently delivering a higher level of service.  Lower priced options don’t provide the level of service demanded by today’s tightening supply chains.

Carrier performance has tremendous impact beyond LTL rates.  After all, the carrier you choose is a direct extension of your business and impacts the cost of your supply chain on the bottom line:

  • lost productivity
  • fines and chargebacks
  • rework or remanufacture of damaged goods
  •  administrative costs from claims management
  • customer service issues
  • lost sales
  •  lost customers

OD’s logistics specialists partner with you to build a custom LTL freight solution to exactly match your business needs.

*2020 Mastio & Company