Chargeback Research Tool

OD gives you the power to contest chargebacks and penalties.

Access the Data Needed to Fight Chargebacks and Penalties

If you ship to national retailers, chargebacks and penalties may seem to have become an unavoidable cost of doing business. OD works with customers daily to help reduce and eliminate these costs through exceptional service, Must Arrive By Date (MABD) service options, and our Chargeback Research Tool. OD puts the information and shipment data you need to contest and reverse undeserved chargebacks and penalties at your fingertips. OD’s Chargeback Research Tool allows all customers with an account to research shipping details on any shipment connected to their account. The information available can be an effective tool when contesting chargebacks and penalties.


Research Shipments

Trust OD to expertly manage retailers’ increasing compliance demands and tightening delivery windows. OD’s proactive monitoring and management is critical to your scorecard performance and securing future opportunities.


Check Inquiry Status

View the status of your submitted chargeback research requests.