Cargo Liability

Standard Cargo Liability

Old Dominion knows your cargo is precious. By choosing to ship with the #1 National LTL Carrier for Quality, we also understand the value you place on entrusting that your shipment delivers on time and damage-free. We pride ourselves on having the industry’s lowest claims-ratio and going the extra mile to protect your freight. Pursuant to OD Rules 100 Tariff - Item 594 (or applicable contract), OD offers a standard cargo limit of liability on a per pound basis for your shipment, which is automatically included in your freight quote.

Protect Your Most Valuable Freight With Additional Cargo Liability (ACL)

Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you determine that the standard cargo limit of liability is not enough for your shipment, you can choose to increase OD’s limit of liability by exercising the Additional Cargo Liability (“ACL”) option and paying a commensurate rate. Shippers have the option to purchase ACL that raises the limit of liability for the shipment starting with the first dollar per OD Rules 100 Tariff - Item 574. If selected, ACL does not operate in addition to standard cargo limit of liability but replaces the standard cargo limit of liability for your shipment. The ACL fee is based on an incremental rate per the dollar value that you request (minimum charge applies) and must be noted on the Bill of Lading prior to shipping. See OD Rules 100 Tariff - Item 574 for additional rules and guidelines. To get an ACL rate, contact your Solutions Specialist or Customer Service at 1-800-235-5569 or You can also include ACL as an additional service when quoting your shipment online.

ACL Terms & Conditions

  • Starts at first dollar amount
  • Is not combined with Standard Cargo Limit of Liability
  • Must be requested by the customer prior to shipping
  • Total value of ACL must be noted on the Bill of Lading
  • Additional charges apply based on the incremental rate per dollar value of shipment
  • Minimum charge applies 
  • Maximum ACL allowed without OD Officer approval:
    • $250,000 for New Goods
    • $15,000 for Used Goods
    • $50,000 for Trade Show Freight
  • Prohibited Commodities excluded from all programs noted herein


  • Additional Cargo Liability is provided exclusively by OD and is NOT and will NOT be considered insurance on the shipment.
  • OD is not a licensed insurance agent and does not assume any liability or risk associated with the purchase or sale of insurance.