Grocery Store Freight Delivery Solutions

Keep your shelves full and your docks clear with OD.


Consistency and Flexibility Weigh Heavy when Shipping to Foodservice Distribution Centers

Shipping to foodservice distribution centers pose challenges. Challenges that are best handled with a trusted carrier with the experience, reliability, and scale to get your product to where it needs to be. OD’s foodservice program provides you the knowledge and flexibility with shipping to your customer. That’s why Food Shippers of America named OD as a Top Food Chain Provider for 2022.  


Damage-Free Delivery: OD's fully integrated decking system eliminates pallet double stacking while straps and airbags secure freight from movement. It's no wonder OD maintains one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry.

Secure Transit: OD's policy is more restrictive than current DOT and FDA regulations when it comes to co-loading foodstuffs. In addition, we avoid co-loading foodstuffs with odorous materials.

Overall Cost: Your transportation costs include more than just the freight bill. Late deliveries, frequent claims and compliance penalties can add to your shipping expense. OD delivers value with an on-time rate above 99% and a claims ratio among the lowest in the industry.

Finally, a solution you and your suppliers can get behind. When you partner with OD, your suppliers and your DC network both benefit. The result is improved efficiencies and increased reliability from your supply chain.

OD Grocery and Foodservice Consolidation Services

OD’s Grocery Store Consolidation Services reduce accessorial costs, provide single invoice billing, reduce or eliminate fines and eliminate unloading delays.

Supplier Benefits

  • Reduce Accessorial Costs
  • Single Invoice Billing
  • Reduced or Eliminated Fines
  • Eliminated Unloading Delays

DC Benefits

  • Scheduling, Receiving Control and Visibility
  • Reduced Yard Congestion
  • Lower Total Landed Costs
  • More Reliable Product Flow
Your OD Customer Service Rep

Your personal OD customer service representative is waiting to help improve your on-time delivery rate and reduce your claims burden. OD will ensure your freight is delivered damage free and in compliance with the retailer.