Commonly Asked Questions About A Career With OD

VP of Human Resources
Dee Dee Cox

Old Dominion Freight Line recently announced plans to hire more than 1,400 employees across the country, including more than 800 Class A CDL drivers. As Old Dominion Freight Line’s vice president of Human Resources, my team talks to many prospective candidates about the experience and benefits of working at Old Dominion and what we look for during the recruitment process. I thought it would help to compile some of the more frequently asked questions from applicants interested in pursuing a career at Old Dominion.

Why is Old Dominion hiring so many people right now?

People are the lifeblood of our organization – freight cannot move without them. As we continue to see a strong economic recovery from the pandemic's onset, the demand for our services is high. To move freight efficiently, carriers must have capacity, which is measured in three areas: equipment, service centers, and most importantly, people.

What driving positions are currently available?

We have open positions for pickup and delivery (P&D) drivers, who deliver freight on a daily route, then pick up freight from shippers in the same territory.

We also have job openings for line haul drivers who transport freight between our service centers. The majority of our line haul drivers have scheduled routes to ensure drivers can sleep in their own bed each day. For example, a driver could be assigned a round-trip from Greensboro to Atlanta.

We are also hiring team drivers who work in tandem with other OD drivers to transport freight to another OD service center over longer distances. When your scheduled drive time is completed, you ride in the passenger seat or rest in the sleeper cab until you reach your destination, or it is your turn to drive again.

Last, we are looking for applicants to participate in our exciting truck driving training program. The six-week OD Truck Driver Training program allows applicants to earn a Class A CDL license and the credentials needed to serve as a P&D or line haul driver.

Can you describe Old Dominion’s company culture?

Our company culture can be defined by two key areas: family atmosphere and Service 2.OD. We live by Service 2.OD, our internal operating philosophy that emphasizes going above and beyond for our customers and each other. We regard our employees as our OD Family; we treat each other with respect and admiration. Finally, for more than 87 years, we’ve focused on promoting from within through providing the training our employees need to advance and the tools they need to take their careers, and our business, to the next level.

What does Old Dominion look for when hiring?

There is an acronym of OD’s core values that we use frequently when hiring OD People: PROMISES. Professional, Reliable, Open, Mindful, Innovative, Serving, Ethical, and Supportive are all key attributes that are important in “being OD.” 

For truck drivers specifically, we require one year’s worth of driving experience with a Class A CDL or graduation from an accredited driving school. Our drivers are a representation of our business as thousands of our trucks are on the road at any given moment. Many drivers interact directly with our customers and are the face of our business, so it’s critical that they come to work with a smile and a “can-do” attitude.

For dock workers, we’re looking for people that embody our Service 2.OD attitude. We also look for hard workers that demonstrate potential and interest in career advancement.

For maintenance technicians, we are looking for qualified candidates that want to work on one of the best-maintained fleets on the road, and can provide best-in-class service to our tractor and trailers.

Why should someone explore a career in trucking, particularly if they have not thought about doing so previously?

Trucking is the lifeblood of the American economy. Our industry has an exciting future with the recent boom of ecommerce. During the height of the pandemic, the talent and dedication of our truckers were on full display. Truckers are some of the unsung heroes, keeping the economy open, shelves stocked, and supplies moving.

Trucking is also an attractive industry for younger people who may not have previously considered the field. We’ve partnered with the Women in Trucking Association as a corporate partner to show that trucking is a career for everyone. Along with advancement opportunities, trucking offers great pay, job security, schedule flexibility, and the ability to travel the country. Our truck drivers, on average, make between $78,000 - $101,000 annually!

What are the benefits of working at Old Dominion?

First, you’re supporting a business sector that is critical to the American economy. It’s a stable, growing business that is a key link between manufacturers and suppliers or distributors.

Second, you’re part of a team of more than 24,000 employees nationwide in a union-free environment that has grown significantly over the past 20 years. We continue to be the best-in-class LTL carrier and win market share year after year. Our business is healthy and that stability and security are good for our people.

Third, we offer great pay and benefits. Our compensation package is one of the most competitive in the industry including paid time off, 401k matching, no-cost healthcare insurance, and other medical and insurance benefits.

Last, we train our employees. Whether it’s our OD Truck Driver Training program, tuition reimbursement, tool reimbursement, ASE certification for our mechanics, or management/supervisor training, our employees are always learning.

Describe working at Old Dominion in three words.

Powering the Promise.

I’m interested in a career at Old Dominion. How do I apply?

You can view all of our job openings and submit your application at

Need More Information?

Contact us by email or simply call 1-800-235-5569 to be connected to an Old Dominion customer service representative.