Celebrating Excellence: 40 OD Drivers Compete for National Title in Indianapolis

This year, Old Dominion Freight Line is proud to announce that 40 of our drivers, a record number, have qualified for the prestigious National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC) in Indianapolis, IN. This milestone is a testament to our drivers’ unparalleled skills and a reflection of the rigorous standards we uphold.

The NTDC, hosted annually by the American Trucking Associations, is the “Super Bowl of Safety.” The NTDC and its affiliated state Truck Driving Championships (TDCs) are among the industry’s largest and most effective safety competitions.  

The NTDC emphasizes driver safety by requiring participants to be accident-free for at least one year prior to the event. They inspire tens of thousands of drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete, making our roads safer for everyone. The championships also foster a sense of community and camaraderie among drivers. This competition is the culmination of local, state, and regional truck driving championships held nationwide. It shines a spotlight on the industry's best and safest professional drivers, giving them the platform to showcase their exceptional skills.

During the competition, drivers participate in a series of rigorous tests that include a written examination, a pre-trip inspection test, and the most visible—the skills test. The NTDC allows skilled drivers to demonstrate their expert handling, thorough knowledge of safety protocols, and utmost dedication to their craft.

Participants face a series of challenging tests that assess their driving abilities, including obstacle courses and comprehensive written exams. These components gauge a driver’s knowledge, inspection skills, and proficiency behind the wheel.

The National Truck Driving Championships celebrate driver talents and skills and emphasize the importance of safety and professionalism in the freight industry.  

Our Drivers Record-Breaking Achievements

Many of our OD drivers have millions of accident-free driving miles to their credit, showcasing their dedication to safety and professionalism.

This year, OD had 523 drivers compete in their state competitions and the record number of OD drivers qualifying for the NTDC this year underscores our commitment to hiring drivers that promote safety, excellence, and professionalism. Each of these drivers won their respective state truck driving championship contests, earning them a spot in this national event. These competitions highlight our drivers' skills and set a high standard for the entire industry.

How This Impacts Our Customers  

Our record number of qualifiers is not just a win for OD but also for our customers. It highlights our commitment to safety, reliability, and excellence in service delivery. Safety is the bedrock of the trucking industry.

OD VP of Safety and Compliance Steven Garrish says, “All of these drivers had to go the entire year without a preventable accident to qualify.  What a great motivation to continue driving safely every day – accident-free. Everyone wins when we drive safely.  Our customers benefit when we can pick up and deliver on time, accident and claims-free.”

Partnering with OD means you're choosing the best in the business. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your freight will arrive on time and damage-free.  

2024 State Truck Driving Championship Results
StateDriverAwardsClassService Center
CaliforniaJohnny Ramirez StraightRTO
IdahoBill Nolan StraightBOI
IdahoBeau Bonds TwinsBOI
IndianaRon Fivecoat StraightBBI
IndianaMike Rummel FlatbedEVV
IndianaJosh Brancamp 5 AxleIND
IndianaGlen Kirk TankerIND
KansasBrian Baldwin FlatbedPAR
KentuckyErnest Wagers Jr. FlatbedLEX
LouisianaDemond Washington TwinsBTR
LouisianaDavid JowersRookie of the Year3 AxleMLU
MaineBarry Labelle TwinsPOR
MichiganBrett Latham StraightARB
MissouriRobert Leach TwinsSTL
MontanaDavid Henslee 4 AxleSID
NebraskaMark Cole TankerOMA
North CarolinaFelipe Reyes TankerFAY
North DakotaDarren WernessRookie of the YearFlatbedFAR
North DakotaDrew BartlesonGrand ChampionTankerFAR
OhioTony Lemaster TankerCOH
OklahomaDon Carpenter TwinsOKC
OregonJeremy Kasitz 4 AxleCVE
OregonSteve Huntington TwinsPDX
PennsylvaniaMike Hoover TwinsHAR
PennsylvaniaBill Giles 4 AxleWPA
South CarolinaKen Smith TankerGVL
South CarolinaBlake TaylorGrand ChampionTwinsGVL
South DakotaDan Norgaard StraightWSD
Tri State (CT/MA/RI)Donald Afonsesca StraightPVD
UtahScott Johnson FlatbedSLC
VirginiaRobert Crowder 4 AxleMAR
VirginiaMichael Wagoner FlatbedMAR
VirginiaRussell Beaty 5 AxleNFK
WashingtonJosh FriedgesGrand ChampionSleeperPAS
WashingtonMitch Ronk Tanker  EWA
WisconsinMatthew MyerRookie of the Year5 AxleMWK
WisconsinJacob Moore 3 AxleTMW
WisconsinMatthew Callis Step VanTMW
WisconsinNick Jarntowski StraightWAU
WyomingMyron Means FlatbedCHY