Shipping FAQs

To get in touch with the OS&D department, contact your local OS&D clerk.

Contact your local OS&D clerk for the appropriate form.

While OD accepts most commodities, some items cannot be shipped on OD equipment. Please note that this list is not comprehensive. For a complete list of prohibited commodities, please consult Item 780 in the OD-100 Tariff


Example items that cannot be shipped with OD: 

  • Biological products
  • Cannabis
  • Currency
  • Carbon black, lamp, graphite, activated
  • Explosives
  • Firearms & Firearm component parts 
  • Perishables (including Fresh fruits & fresh vegetables)
  • Furniture - picked up from or delivered to private residences
  • Hazardous waste
  • Live animals/Live plants
  • Medical waste/Used PPE waste
  • Museum exhibits or articles of antiquity
  • Original works of art
  • Poisonous/infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials 
  • Solar panels 
  • Used batteries
  • Used tires

If you know your username, and your email address has not changed, visit our Forgot Password page to have your password emailed to your registered email address.

If the Bill of Lading was created within the last 14 days with our online Bill of Lading utility, and has not yet been assigned to a driver for pickup, you may log onto our Modify or Cancel Bill of Lading page, select the Bill of Lading you wish to modify, and make the changes needed. If the pickup is scheduled for today and does not appear in your list of modifiable Pros, it has already been assigned to a driver. You will need to contact the origin service center for assistance.

Yes. Once signed in, you can pay your invoices under the resources section.