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Why Change

Our goal is always to make doing business with OD as easy as possible. Our teams were focused on making tracking, getting a rate estimate, creating a BOL and other processes streamlined and efficient. By improving website navigation and upgrading common tools, we’ve improved and made the website more user friendly. We also overhauled our backend systems to set the foundation for future improvements.

What's Next?

The new will be continuously evolving based on your feedback as well as adding additional functionality. Putting our customers first is of paramount importance to our values and strategy.

In response to the feedback already received, we have additional enhancements in the works for Track and Trace data, scrolling on Bill of Lading, and the claim filing process – just to name a few. These enhancements will start rolling out in mid-2022.

Several other tools will be getting enhancements over the coming months. More to come on these changes later.

Website Training

We recognize that this change affects your weekly or daily routines and educating users on the platform is an important part of this transition. We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions that can help you.

Upcoming Training Webinars

In addition, our technology training team is offering live customer webinars to guide you through on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, July 26
  • Tuesday, August 9

Let us know how we can make your website experience better.

Need More Information?

Contact us by email or simply call 1-800-235-5569 to be connected to an Old Dominion customer service representative.