Freight Handling Technology

Box and Label Gun

Garvey Guns

Garvey guns are used to individually mark all cartons with the same customer PRO number to insure the freight arrives at its intended destination. The Garvey pro helps to prevent misdirected freight in the event that the shipper's label falls off or shrink wrap becomes loose.


Deck Trailers

Moveable load bars are used to create multiple levels inside the trailer. These additional levels can hold up to 800 pounds per skid. This system allows us to better protect freight from any possible damage. We are also able to load the trailers more efficiently which in turn lowers our costs, ultimately saving the customer money.


Dunnage Air Bags

Air bags are used to help cushion freight from any possible damage. These air bags are inflated as needed by compressors located at the service centers. They are placed around shipments for added protection. Airbags are used in conjunction with the deck trailers, providing shipments with a safer and more secure ride.