OD Truck Driving Championship Finalists in Indiana

OD to Send 17 Drivers to National Truck Driving Championships in Indianapolis

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. is set to send 17 drivers to next month’s National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC), hosted by the American Trucking Associations. The annual competition is an extraordinary display of truck driving professionalism and safety where drivers compete through a series of tests and obstacles.

Each contestant qualified for the NTDC by winning his/her individual state championship title earlier this year. OD had 250 drivers compete across 39 state-level competitions, yielding 64 podium finishers and 17 first-place finishers. OD also had Grand Champions in Michigan, Tennessee, and Utah.

“We’re very proud of all of the Truck Driving Championship contestants and their commitment to safety,” said Wes Herek, senior safety manager for OD and NTDC committee member. “Each driver spends hours practicing and preparing for these competitions, which ultimately makes them safer truck drivers.”

The Championships are a great incentive for professional truck drivers to operate safely because they must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition. Many of the competitors have millions of accident-free driving miles to their credit.

The NTDC will begin August 16th and will run through August 19th at the Indianapolis Convention Center. 

2022 State Truck Driving Championship Results
State Driver Result Class Service Center
Arizona Alejandro Mancilla  2nd 4-Axle PHX
Arkansas Jose Ara 2nd Twins TXK
Colorado Matthew Browning 2nd Twins GJN
Colorado Sergio Martinez 2nd Tanker DEN
Colorado Erik Calhoun 3rd / Rookie of the Year 3-Axle GJN
Colorado Aaron Kathrein 3rd Twins GJN
Florida Dexter Brooks 3rd 5-Axle ORL
Georgia Curt Shaw 3rd 3-Axle ATW
Idaho Bill Nolan  1st Straight BOI
Idaho Mark VanBlaricom 1st Twins BOI
Idaho Cory Weber 1st Flatbed BOI
Idaho Tony Rhoades 1st / Rookie of the Year 5-Axle IDF
Idaho KJ Winn 2nd 3-Axle TWF
Idaho Beau Bonds 2nd Twins BOI
Indiana Mike Rummel 1st 3-Axle EVV
Indiana Dawn Cochran 1st 5-Axle BBI
Indiana Glen Kirk 1st Flatbed IND
Indiana Dave Critchfield 2nd Tanker BBI
Kansas Daniel Jones 3rd Flatbed TOP
Kansas Kevin Brownewell 3rd 4-Axle PAR
Kentucky Ryan Keller 2nd 3-Axle LEX
Kentucky Earnest Wagers 2nd 4-Axle LEX
Michigan  Chad Williams  1st / Grand Champion / Pre-Trip Award Twins SAG
Michigan  Gordon Strope 3rd 3-Axle KLM
Minnesota Ben Kurzhal  1st Twins MSP
Minnesota Jesse Thompson  3rd 4-Axle MSP
Missouri Vito Marciante 2nd 3-Axle STL
Montana Brian LeFors 2nd 3-Axle SID
Nebraska Mike Luna 2nd Sleeper OMA
Nebraska Chris Corbett 3rd 3-Axle OMA
Nevada Ivan Padilla 2nd 3-Axle RNO
North Carolina Harold Snyder 2nd Twins KNC
North Carolina Tim Whitely 3rd 4-Axle WSN
North Dakota Drew Bartelson 1st Twins FAR
North Dakota Frank McDowell 2nd Tanker FAR
North Dakota Matt Albert 3rd Flatbed FAR
Ohio Matt Dobbs 2nd Sleeper COH
Ohio Jerry Cousino 3rd Twins COH
Oregon Jimmy Placxo 3rd / Pre-Trip Award 4-Axle PDX
Oregon Adam Mueller 3rd Twins BND
Oregon Michael Sanders 3rd Tanker CVE
Pennsylvania Brandon Mahan 3rd Straight HAR
South Carolina Kenneth Smith 1st 4-Axle GVL
South Carolina Blake Taylor 2nd Twins GVL
South Dakota Jere Rions 2nd Flatbed SXF
South Dakota Rick Witczek 2nd Twins SXF
South Dakota Dan Norgaard 2nd Sleeper WSD
South Dakota Alex Curry 3rd 4-Axle SXF
Tennessee Darrell Gribble 1st / Grand Champion Straight KXT
Tennessee Brian Turner 1st 3-Axle MRT
Tennessee Mike Hixson 3rd 4-Axle MRT
Texas Frank Ortiz 2nd Flatbed SNA
Utah Sean McClure 1st / Grand Champion Tanker SLC
Utah Scott Johnson 1st Flatbed SLC
Utah Joseph Ebert 2nd Twins SLC
Utah Robin Villamor  2nd 4-Axle SLC
Washington Josh Friedges 1st Twins PAS
Washington Sam Kidd 3rd Straight SEA
Washington Gus Contreras 3rd 3-Axle PAS
Wisconsin Neal Nemitz 2nd Flatbed TMW
Wisconsin Kenny Valet 3rd 4-Axle MAW
Wisconsin Gary Pingel 3rd Tanker WAU
Wisconsin Nick Jarntowski 3rd Straight WAU
Wyoming Randy Ferfuson 1st 4-Axle CPW

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