Must-Arrive-By-Date (MABD) | (OTIF)

Tell us when it has to be there, we'll do the rest. From initiation to delivery, your personal Customer Service Rep provides you with single-point access for every detail about your time-sensitive delivery.

Although called by different names in the industry (Just-in-Time, Time Critical, On-Time-in-Full , Store Replenishment), you need the precision of Old Dominion to manage vendor compliance demands, avoid costly fines and protect your vendor scorecard.

Compliance Management You Can Trust

To protect your brand's reputation with retailers, trust your personal OD representative to expertly manage retailers’ increasing compliance demands and tightening delivery windows. You’ll find that our high level of proactive monitoring and management is critical to your scorecard performance and the likelihood of securing future orders.

OD's MABD Service gives you:

  • A preferred carrier with most major national retailers
  • Compliance management to avoid costly chargebacks or fines
  • Dynamic in-transit upgrades, when needed, to meet delivery windows
  • 100% real-time shipment visibility on your desktop or mobile device
  • Proactive rescheduling, if needed, to protect your retailer relationships

Every OD MABD Shipment:

  • Is flagged in OD system showing special delivery dates for Service Centers.
  • Is monitored by specific Special Project Coordinators.
  • Includes daily status emails to destination Service Centers regarding delivery timing.
  • Generates daily status updates and issue notifications to customers
  • Is supported by email and phone Customer Support 24/7 through the Special Rollouts/Project Department.

With three levels of service to meet any retail shipping need, OD helps you avoiding fines and improve your vendor scorecard.

Depend on OD's dedicated team for time sensitive shipping projects such as a product launches, seasonal rollouts or special promotions

All MABD shipments must be set up through OD's Rollout/Special Project Department. Special.Rollouts@odfl.com or 866.637.7333.


Possible Interruptions to Service

Please note that some Old Dominion service areas may experience temporary service interruptions pending the impact of Hurricane Delta.

Please Click here for detailed map of all service centers currently impacted. Information relating to service and Old Dominion operations will be updated in real time as more information becomes available and is subject to change pending the severity of events.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at 1-800-235-5569.


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