Tariff ODFL 100-N

Effective June 04, 2018

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This Tariff ODFL 100 is also known as 'OD Rules 100', 'ODFL 100 Rules Tariff', or '100 Rules Tariff'.

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* Cover pageCP
* Table of ContentsTOCRevised 12/16/2019
Governing Publications100
Definitions110Revised 12/16/2019
Abbreviations, State or Province, Explanation of130
Application of Tariff150
Application of Line Haul Rates151
Application of Allowances151-10
Application of Rates - Pallets151-50
Assessment of Charges160
Assessment of Traffic Fines161
Application of Classes and/or Rates - Inadvertence Clauses170Revised 12/16/2019
Bumping - Artificial Construction of Density170-1Revised 08/26/2019
Inadvertence Discount171
Minimum Charge - Absolute180
Advancing Charges300
Advertising Matter or Displays320
Arrival Notice and Undelivered Freight345
Dumping Charge345-10
Unjustified Refusals of Foodstuffs345-50
Bills of Lading360Revised 12/16/2019
Bills of Lading - FAK or Freight, All Kinds361
Bills of Lading - Invoicing Requirements363
Bills of Lading - Corrected365
Bills of Lading - Consolidated366
Weighing and Inspection of Property367Revised 08/01/2019
Border Crossing Security Charge368
Brokerage Service - Request For370
California Compliance Surcharge375Revised 12/16/2019
Capacity Load - Overflow390
Claims - Loss and Damage, Overcharge and Over Collected395
Overcharge Claims396
Class Rate Application400Revised 12/16/2019
Collect on Delivery (COD) Shipments430
Collection of Charges and Extension of Credit434
Collection of Freight Charges from a Third Party435
Collection of Charges and Extension of Credit for Overseas Agent436
Jurisdiction and Venue437
Commodity Descriptions440
Control and Exclusive Use of Trailer or Doubles Trailer470
Customs or In Bond Freight480
Bond Remanifest Fee482Revised 07/01/2019
Customs or Trans-Border Fee484
Density - Method of Determining490
Detention - Trailer Without Tractor - Dropped or Spotted Trailers501Revised 12/16/2019
Detention - Trailer with Tractor502
Discounts, Application of507Revised 12/16/2019
Exceptions to NMFC - Classification of Articles528-10
Transportation of Hazardous Materials540
Waterborne Traffic at Ports or Port Areas552
Exceptions to the NMFC558
Extra Labor - Loading or Unloading560
Delivery Service - High Cost (Metro) Delivery Region Surcharge561
Payment of Charges, Failure to Make In Timely Manner564
Fractions, Disposition of565
Pickup or Delivery Service - Inside566
Impracticable Operations570
Liability - Purchase of Optional Higher Levels of Carrier Cargo574
Lumper Charges579
Marking or Tagging Freight580
Liability - Carrier’s Maximum594
Liability - Limited Articles594-1
Maximum Charge - Alternation of LTL or AQ Rates595
Minimum Charge for Low Density Freight610-1
Mixed Shipments and Articles Classified by Weight or Quantity640Revised 12/16/2019
Notification or Appointment Prior to Pickup or Delivery647
Transportation of Articles of Excessive Length670-5
Packing or Packaging - Requirements680
Household Goods and Personal Effects688
Palletization Service710
Refusal of Shipment (Due to Pallet Type, Construction or Condition)710-1
Pallets or Containers (Shipments Transported in or on Shipping Carriers)712
Payment of Charges720
Pickup or Delivery Service750
Remote Access Charges - North Carolina751
Remote Access Charges - Florida Keys751-5
Remote Access Charges - Virginia - Eastern Shore751-10
Remote Access Charges - Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket Massachusetts751-15
Remote Access Charges - Arizona751-20
Remote Access Charges - Alabama751-25Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - California751-30Revised 10/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Colorado751-40Revised 12/16/2019
Remote Access Charges - Georgia751-90
Remote Access Charges - Idaho751-100Revised 12/16/2019
Remote Access Charges - Maine751-170
Remote Access Charges - Michigan751-200
Remote Access Charges - Vermont751-230Revised 12/16/2019
Remote Access Charges - Montana751-240Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Nebraska751-270
Remote Access Charges - Nevada751-280Revised 10/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - New Mexico751-310Revised 10/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - New York751-320Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - North Dakota751-350
Remote Access Charges - Oklahoma751-370
Remote Access Charges - Oregon751-380Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - South Dakota751-400
Remote Access Charges - Texas751-450Revised 12/16/2019
Remote Access Charges - Utah751-470Revised 12/16/2019
Remote Access Charges - Washington751-500Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Wisconsin751-510Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Wyoming751-525
Remote Access Charges - Ontario (ON), Canada751-600
Remote Access Charges - Quebec (PQ), Canada751-650Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - New Brunswick (NB), Canada751-700Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Nova Scotia (NS), Canada751-750Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada751-800Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Newfoundland (NF), Canada751-850Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - British Columbia (BC), Canada751-900Revised 08/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Yukon (YT), Canada751-910Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Nunavut (NU) and Northwest Territory (NT), Canada751-920Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Manitoba (MB), Canada751-940Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Saskatchewan (SK), Canada751-950Revised 07/01/2019
Remote Access Charges - Alberta (AB), Canada751-960Revised 07/01/2019
Pickup or Delivery Service - Mines, Quarries, Natural Gas or Oil Fields752
Pickup or Delivery Service - Exposition Centers or Trade Shows752-1
Pickup or Delivery Service - After Business Hours, Weekends and/or Holidays752-3Revised 12/16/2019
Delivery Service - Carrier Piece Count Obligation752-6
Pickup or Delivery - Apartments, Residences, Estates and Farms753-1
Pickup or Delivery - Construction Sites753-2
Pickup or Delivery - Schools, Colleges, Churches or Rectories753-3
Pickup or Delivery - Secured or Limited Access Locations753-4
Pickup or Delivery - Airports753-5
Pickup or Delivery - Self-Storage Warehouses756
Precedence (Priority) of Pricing Programs764
Certificate of Insurance765
Precedence (Priority) of Rules766
Prepayment or Guarantee of Charges Required769
Prohibited or Restricted Articles780Revised 07/01/2019
Proof of Delivery784
Protect from Freezing810Revised 08/01/2019
Reconsignment or Diversion820
Blind Shipment and Shipment Coordination821Revised 10/01/2019
Redelivery830Revised 12/16/2019
Reference to Tariffs, Classifications or Portions thereof845
Released Value - Single Rating Level848
Returned Checks855
Returned Undelivered Shipments860
Service Standards870
Sorting, Segregating, Palletizing or Recoopering887
Security Divider Service890-10
Lift Gate Service, Hydraulic891
Quotation of Estimated Charges892
Foreign Currency Exchange Rates892-50
Terminal Areas940Revised 08/26/2019
Transfer of Lading959
Vehicle Furnished, but Not Used985
Weights - Gross Weights and Dunnage994
Application of Pallet Weight Exclusion995
Computation of Beyond Charges and/or Combination of Rates995-1

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