Security Divider Service

Old Dominion's Security Divider Service provides guaranteed, locked-in security for nose-loaded special or uncrated non-containerized freight. Your freight is locked securely into place on a trailer at its origin, and is not unlocked until it reaches its final destination.

How is it Priced?

Security Divider Service is priced based on the origin, destination, weight, and trailer space used. Please see tariff ODFL 698 for details.

How to Request

There are four ways to request Security Divider Service:

  1. Using your own Bill of Lading or our fill & print BOL form:
    • Simply write "Security Divider" on your bill of lading.
    • Remember that we require 24 hour notice for security divider.
  2. odfl4me Customers using Online Rate Estimate + Bill of Lading Tools:
    • Security Divider is listed as an accessorial charge on our online Rate Estimate tool. Simply check the box next to it.
    • Use the link at the bottom of your completed estimate to proceed straight to our Bill of Lading application. Security Divider Service will be pre-selected, and once your bill of lading is complete, the Security Divider Service code will appear as an accessorial service.
  3. Using the Online Bill of Lading tool only:
    • Select Security Divider Service while creating your online bill of lading. Once your bill of lading is complete, the Security Divider Service code will appear as an accessorial service.
  4. Offline

How Does it Work?

The steps involved in the Security Divider process are illustrated below.

The Shipper loads freight into the nose of a deck trailer.

forklift loading

A frame is placed on the trailer floor against the freight. This frame consists of two 2 x 6s and one 1 x 4.

security divider frame

Two pieces of 4 x 8 plywood or chip board are placed in the frame.

security divider panel

Two deck bars are dropped in front of the panels. The empty space can be filled with air bags.

security divider deck bars

A unique numbered seal will be locked in place on the deck bar.

security panel seal

Once the freight is delivered, the seal is removed with bolt cutters in the presence of the consignee.

removing security panel seal

Attention OD Customers

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