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Old Dominion Freight Line puts power at your fingertips through our award winning web site, www.odfl.com. At the odfl.com website, you can perform a multitude of shipping-related tasks, as well as receive access to all the latest news and information regarding Old Dominion. Registered shipping clients can do even more with access to the secured area of our web site, www.ODFL4me.com. Here are just a few valuable services available on the odfl.com website:

  • Trace Shipments: Get real-time status updates and estimated arrival times
  • Rate Estimates: Get rate estimates based on your shipping information or download Old Dominion 559 rates
  • Schedule Pickups: Enter and send your pickups directly to dispatch
  • Access Company Information: View OD coverage maps, financial and company information and news
  • Locate Service Centers: Locate any origin or destination by zip code
  • Points Directory: Get data for any state, sorted by city or zip code, online or as a downloadable comma-separated file
  • Printable Forms: Find interactive and printable blank forms for your convenience
  • Transit Times: Find standard shipping times between zip codes
  • Shipping Labels: Print shipping labels directly from our web site

Old Dominion Freight Line has been in the global shipping and freight business for over 85+ years. In that time, we've learned to leverage state-of-the-art technologies that help our domestic and global shipping clients manage their cargo and freight efficiently. If you need to request more information about the odfl.com website, you can connect to a representative by clicking here to visit our Contact page or simply call 1-800-432-6335.

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