On Demand

Old Dominion Freight Line has been in the shipping and freight business for over 85+ years. As such, we've come to understand that some shipments or freight require the highest degree of handling and expediency. Therefore, we've designed and developed our OD Expedited: On Demand service to handle shipments that fall under these emergency conditions.

The Old Dominion On Demand emergency shipping service offers a time-specific delivery - within one hour of the pre-scheduled delivery time - or the freight charges revert to standard charges. Our OD Expedited On Demand Coordinators provide customized solutions for your emergency shipments. Whether your shipment requires same day, next day, or any day service by a specific time, Expedited On Demand will get it there ON TIME.

And, in the rare case that OD Expedited On Demand can't accommodate your request, we can provide shipping solutions via one of our carefully-selected, asset-based expedited carriers. In addition, we will coordinate the shipment door-to-door while you sleep!

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On Demand Features

  • One call for quote and/or pickup
  • Competitive pricing
  • Thorough coordination and follow-through on each and every shipment
  • Personalized Service
  • Delivery within one hour of the pre-scheduled delivery time or freight charges revert to standard rates

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To learn more about On Demand Emergency shipping from Old Dominion Freight Line, click here to visit our Contact page or simply call 1-866-637-7333 to be connected to an Old Dominion account representative. Old Dominion utilizes state-of-the-art shipping processes and technologies to help our domestic and international shipping clients manage their cargo and freight efficiently and expediently.

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